Special FMO® ogygen (lambda) - temperature sensor adaptors

adaptor lambda

Metallic adaptors for lambda-oxygen sensors as well as temperature sensors, that solves the check engine light problem when a new free-way (metallic) catalysator is installed in vehicle or when a fuel consuption reduce device is going to be installed in the engine.

The adaptor is used for correcting the lambda's exhaust oxygen "reading" without sending an error in the ECU. You should perform a RESET in the ECU module after installing the lambda-oxygen adaptor.




Κωδικός 0858-22
Lambda sensor adaptor. Lenght 22 mm.

Τιμή 7,30€




Κωδικός 0858-26
Lambda sensor adaptor. Lenght 26 mm

Τιμή 7,50€




Κωδικός 0858-31
Lambda sensor adaptor. Lenght 31 mm.

Τιμή 8,70€




Κωδικός 0858-38
Lambda sensor adaptor. Lenght 38 mm.

Τιμή 9,00€




Κωδικός 0858-39
Corner Lambda sensor adaptor. Lenght 39 mm..

Τιμή 12,90€




Κωδικός 0858-17
Exhaust adaptor for Lambda sensor. Lenght 38 m.

Τιμή 5,50€




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